PcLast: Discovering Plannable Continuous Latent States


Goal-conditioned planning benefits from learned low-dimensional representations of rich, high-dimensional observations. While compact latent representations, typically learned from variational autoencoders or inverse dynamics, enable goal-conditioned planning they ignore state affordances, thus hampering their sample-efficient planning capabilities. In this paper, we learn a representation that associates reachable states together for effective onward planning. We first learn a latent representation with multi-step inverse dynamics (to remove distracting information); and then transform this representation to associate reachable states together in space. Our proposals are rigorously tested in various simulation testbeds. Numerical results in reward-based and reward-free settings show significant improvements in sampling efficiency, and yields layered state abstractions that enable computationally efficient hierarchical planning.

International Conference on Machine Learning
Anurag Koul
Anurag Koul
PostDoctoral Researcher